Expert Body Work & Custom Paint

The Larson Group is known for producing undeniable quality in body work. With high quality products and highly trained technicians, it is our joy to make repairs unnoticable and to product stunning custom body and paint jobs.

TLG Body Shop For body work repair and custom paint:

Heavy Duty Body Shop Builder

It doesn't matter if we put in a headlight or custom fabricate an entire truck, what is important to us at TLG is that every customer is treated like a show-truck customer. 

Body work is an art that the Peterbilt brand is known for. With trucks that offer the most possibilities in both vision and choices, you will find a body shop at TLG with Hand-built, Machine Shopped, and Laser Cut work. With an in-house metal working shop at our Peterbilt of Joplin location, you will find the top of the line build components, fabricators, body men, and painters. TLG prides itself in a team of skilled individuals working together. 

Custom Fabricated Heavy Duty Peterbilt Truck

From remote control doors to polished stainless steel details, our team will bring your vision together and translate your ideas into a reality. It's a rewarding experience at The Larson Group, where we know our customers by name. 

Top of the line build components, fabricators, body men, and painters create beautiful custom heavy duty body work.

Need minor body repairs or custom work?

Recieve expert advice or request a custom quote from one of our body shop locations.

Peterbilt of Joplin body shop manager for minor body repair work or custom rebuilds and fabrication work.

From Our Company

It is very rewarding and always an honor when customers talk about the work our team has done.

Dusty Ford