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We've partnered with Capital Lending and Paccar Financial to provide the best in-house commercial truck financing rates in the industry. Choose an option below to get started with stress-free financing for your truck or fleet.

Discover What Sets TLG's Truck Financing Program Apart

The very thought of financing can be intimidating. After all, next to family, your trucking or heavy-duty equipment business is your life. We want you to feel comfortable that when you choose The Larson Group for commercial truck financing, so we partner with Capital Lending and Paccar Financial for unwavering stability.

For in-house semi truck financing, heavy equipment financing, and heavy equipment financing, we partner with Capital Lending and Paccar Financial.

Capital Lending has served the industry for over 75 years and has access to roughly 25 other financial institutions. That lets TLG build customized terms with industry-leading solutions for your leasing or truck financing needs. Depending on the type of business and number of trucks purchased, we will assess the best payment structure for your cash flow to help ensure your business can comfortably manage the terms. Backed by our in-house heavy equipment financing or commercial truck financing, we believe your new TLG trucks and, of course, some foot-to-the-floor hard work can yield the newly generated income needed to grow your business.

The Larson Group makes in-house truck financing and commercial truck financing a pain-free a process, so you can focus on what really matters—your business. And we do so at the lowest possible rates. We pride ourselves on the fact that the TLG staff has the experience, stability, and dedication needed to help every customer before, during, and after the sale.

In-House Truck Financing for Complete Flexibility

With a mission to empower fleet clients, dealers, vendors, and owner-operators with a plethora of confidence-instilling resources, our finance teams are available for 24-Hour Credit Approval. We also offer one-on-one, individualized truck, commercial truck, or heavy equipment financing for one-stop purchasing through fixed- or variable-rate loans and Trac of FMV Leases. Capital Lending is advantageous for our customers in that it operates its portfolio of loans and leases in both worlds.

Thanks to our primary lender, Capital Lending, with its own funding resources and the ability to serve as a secondary broker to well-established and trusted national lenders, The Larson Group is able to provide broadly ranging lease and loan combinations for all your truck financing, commercial truck financing, heavy equipment financing, and other purchasing needs. Our flexibility also means we can react to sudden changes and your future needs as well as develop customized programs that maximize terms, rates, and cash flow benefits so your business can run smoothly and efficiently.

Your business success is what TLG strives to achieve.


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